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Liberal Racism: Hispanics Are Next

Roughly ninety-five percent of racism in America today now either emanates from liberals or is generated by them. The Democratic Party relies on racism because, without the perception of serious ongoing racism in our culture, the identity politics on which the party depends would disintegrate. As presently constituted, they wouldn't win another national or statewide election. This makes the Democratic Party by necessity a virtual racism-manufacturing machine.

The Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons are not anomalies.  They are the motor that drives the car.  Barack Obama could in no way be a post-racial president as promised, even if he wanted to be (doubtful). He wouldn't have had a party anymore.

Do I exaggerate? Actually it's worse. Because economic policies such as tax preferences for disadvantaged neighborhoods a la Jack Kemp that could have benefited black people are anathema to Obama and liberals, African Americans have little chance of improving their condition.  No original ideas are instituted.  It's always the same old, same old from the days of Lyndon Johnson. Result: seventy percent of black children born out of wedlock and all the other horrifying statistics that are only a key stroke or two away for anyone with a computer -- numbers on food stamps, unemployed, black-on-black crime, etc. Objectively, Barack Obama has been the worst president for black people since the Civil Rights Act passed in 1964, possibly earlier. Also, he and his attorney general -- acting like smug, semi-literate undergraduates who just finished reading Howard Zinn and though it was a revelation -- have consistently encouraged racial division for the last six years, while pretending they are improving it.  It's a noxious masquerade that is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you raise this with Democrats/liberals/progressives, most of them will not listen or even discuss the subject because to do so calls to question their whole worldview. They live in a bubble bath of self-congratulatory moral narcissism that does not allow them to look at the results of their "ideas" or their conception of themselves as "good people." They don't want to know about anything that does not conform. I have experienced this personally, mentioning names of prominent black conservative thinkers like Thomas Sowell and Shelby Steele, some of the greatest political minds of our time, and getting blank stares.  They have not heard of them, let alone read a book by them.  And I'm talking  about supposed intellectuals, graduates of Ivy League universities (I know - that doesn't mean that  much, but still...), not your average Joe who's never heard of Joe (Biden). Extraordinary willful ignorance.