It's the Border Security, Stupid


Almost  everyone knows James Carville's famous dictum that propelled  Bill Clinton into the White House -- "It's the economy, stupid!"  And there's no denying that his pronouncement continues to make great sense, given the condition of our society.

But I have another suggestion that may be even more important for the Republicans to rally around in the next two elections -- "It's the border security, stupid."  After all, even a booming economy doesn't mean much if we all go boom.

And we very well could.  From the rise of ISIS to the idiotic and useless nuclear non-negotiation with Iran, we're closer to it than we ever were.  As James O'Keefe has shown us with his videos, our borders are so permeable they make a pair of thirty year old sweat socks half-filled with holes seem like the Iron Dome.  Just about anybody can get in any time he or she wants from Mexico or Canada -- and O'Keefe hasn't even gotten to those more than six million shipping containers entering our ports annually, nor has he dealt with the hundreds or thousands of passport-holding American and British nationals now volunteering for the Islamic State and chomping at the bit to come home and wreak havoc.

So I suggest the Republican Party coalesce around the issue of border security, which is obviously tied intimately into foreign policy, in a big way.  Make it a cause célèbre because, in truth, we don't have a choice, unless it's self-immolation.

This has the further advantage of being something that is simple and clear and that a large percentage of the public will support. Americans are on edge -- and for good reason.  If I were a Democrat, I would absolutely dread a terror attack at this time because it would literally sink my party, Obama et al having been so feckless, even deliberately so in some quarters, in dealing with the threat.

Also -- and this is important -- ALL Republicans should be able to agree on this issue, except perhaps the most orthodox "open border" libertarians whose extreme ideological rigidity trumps common sense.  (It usually does.)  All the usual disagreements between the various wings of the party would pale by comparison -- during an EMP attack the definition of marriage will seem rather trivial to say the least -- and they should be able to get together on border security with little rancor.

Republicans have a strong hand here and they should play it. Stand tall to protect our country and our civilization.  Don't back down.  Obama's recent tabling of amnesty is just one indication that the other side is running scared on this issue.