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Obama and One-Party Rule

Is Barack Obama’s goal the creation of a one-party system? They’re certainly popular these days. The Chinese are doing pretty well with one.

And Barack seems to be a one-party kind of guy. He prefers like-minded folks like Turkey’s Erdogan.

And ever since his reelection, he’s devoted almost all his time to one-party efforts, doing his best to excoriate the other side. In fact, that’s about all he does.

And he does it with an animus I have not experienced in my lifetime, as if he wanted to exterminate the opposition and stomp it into oblivion.

When he saw fit to reassure us he was not a dictator, many of us thought he really wanted to be. Otherwise, why bring it up?

Democracy is, well, you know, messy. You have to deal with others, to reason and compromise. And, as Sartre famously reminded us, “Hell is other people.”

For Barack that seems most especially so. Dealing with others is a dreadful inconvenience. After all, he knows best.

So he and his followers are doing their best, preparing the way for this one-party rule, making as many people as possible dependent on government.

According to a video I just viewed from a site with the colorful title www.governmentgonewild.org, private-sector jobs in our country grew only 1% in the last decade while government jobs grew 15%.