'Binder Derangement Syndrome': How the Democratic Party Exploits Women

One of the most fascinating examples of how the Democratic Party relies on reactionary, even fuddy-duddy, ideology to maintain power is their conception of the role of women in our society.

The party and their media minions treat (or pretend to treat) women like an oppressed class when the female population in our colleges and graduate schools (notably law and medicine) has already outstripped or will soon outstrip the male in almost every area save engineering and science, and they are gaining in those. They are also invading the boardrooms and the political arena as never before.

And this has been going on for some years. Soon enough, as more women matriculate, they will dominate many fields of endeavor in our country and salary inequalities that remain will vanish or be rationalized through maternity or childcare leave. It's beyond anything the women's movement ever conceived and is happening naturally.

Extrapolating even slightly, our society seems headed for a quasi-matriarchy. Leaving aside whether this is good or bad -- I don’t think it’s necessarily either -- it’s a reality.

But it’s a reality the Democratic Party is desperate to ignore, since the oppression of women -- certainly true in the past and still obviously true in other cultures today -- is their most important ideological pillar. In fact, they could not possibly win a major election without it. They would lose in a landslide even if they were still able to Balkanize the black and Latino votes.

Hence constant appeals are made to the lowest common female denominator in an attempt to terrify single women and soccer moms, etc., that their “reproductive rights” are being violated or someone is about to deprive them of birth control pills or force-feed ultrasounds in their private parts.

It’s absurd, if you think about it -- but the Democrats don’t want you to. They just want women to feel deprived or manipulated.

In truth, the last place government should be sticking its nose is an individual’s private life. Most Americans, in recent polling, are anti-abortion except in extreme cases (I am too), but most Americans want this kind of thing dealt with, as much as possible, away from the intruding hand of the state (ditto).

Democrats and liberal/progressives/whatevers appear to want to keep as much as possible about our personal lives in the hands of the state. Some Republicans and faith-based conservatives are their unwitting allies in this. Unlike the Democrats, who are doing this largely for power purposes (sometimes masked as “social justice”), these Repubs are traditional “values voters.” But they are open to charges of hypocrisy as well because these values voters very often advocate the state staying as far as possible from their economic, but not their social, lives, thus trying to have it both ways.