POLIWOOD: Hollywood Unhinged: Mel Gibson Loves the Jews & Sean Stone (Oliver's Son) Loves Ahmadinejad

Whoever said Hollywood doesn’t reflect the world? Our globe has gone berserk and Hollywood along with it. Witnesseth: Mel Gibson, one of our country’s most whacko anti-Semites, is planning to make a movie based on the Maccabees (the Hanukah story) from a script by Joe Eszterhas. Reparations, anyone?


Meanwhile, Sean Stone, 24-year old sprout of Oliver, is off to Tehran making a movie in support of the mad mullahs. (Well, the latter isn’t so unexpected – if you believe the old saw about the apple not falling far from the tree.)

This confluence of events was irresistible to Lionel and me for the new Poliwood which you can view HERE.

By the way, Lionel thinks Gibson will never make the film. I disagree. Gibson’s pockets are deep. He can do anything he wants. And action-adventure like the Maccabees is right in his Braveheart sweet spot. And whatever you think of Mel’s bizarre religious views, he can direct.

Watch the POLIWOOD and see what you think.


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