Roger L. Simon

POLIWOOD: The Cannes Film Festival 2011: Anti-Semitic or Simply Boring?

Lionel and I discuss the brouhaha at this year’s Cannes Festival over Danish director Lars Von Trier evincing sympathy for Hitler at a press conference. What the hard-working auteur has to do these days to generate a little attention from the public!… Methinks this is a symptom of how uninterested people are in the art cinema now. Or maybe Von Trier was off his meds. Who knows? In any case, long time Cannes Festival director Gilles Jacob “ankled” Von Trier. (That’s “Varietyese” for kicked him out.) Lionel says Jacob shouldn’t have done that. It martyrs Von Trier. I wonder if anybody cares… Well, as you will see on the YouTube of Poliwood above, Kirsten Dunst did. (You’ll also see some great old clips from Cannes’ glory years when there really were great filmmakers… like Fellini. They were dug out by our terrific editor Alina Bezdikian. Hats off to her.)

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