Roger L. Simon

OmniPork down; Tax Compromise Up

You could get whiplash things are moving so swiftly on Capitol Hill these days. No sooner is the Omnibus Spending Bill sent to sudden political Siberia then the tax compromise bill passes the House 277-148, less than 24 hours after it cleared the Senate.

Of course, they still found a few minutes to tweak the rich. But not all that badly. Says the AP:

After forcing a delay in the House early in the day, Democratic critics settled for a separate vote in their bid to toughen an estate tax rovision they attacked as a giveaway to the very rich. They were defeated, 233-194, with one vote of “present.

What next? Reactions are coming in quickly on Twitter, such as this one by Ben Howe, the brother of prominent Red State blogger Caleb Howe:

“Wonder if Obama will have a signing ceremony? Maybe Bush will lend him his pen.”

For those who don’t get it (we know you do), the AP adds:

The bill provides a two-year extension of tax cuts enacted when George W. Bush was president, avoiding an increase at all income levels that would otherwise occur on New Year’s Day.

Happy spending.

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