Lakers vs. Celtics: Roger, it's only a game...

Well, now that’s the most lying, underhanded headline I have ever posted! Only a game??? Lakers vs. Celtics??? Like WWI was only a war.

Kobe, Pau and Odom vs. Pierce, Allen and Garnett… We’re not talking chopped liver here. I already have my game face on. [Like that will help…. ed].


But, no, I’m not going. It was either a BMW or a game seven ticket and I decided to opt for the car. (Okay, not a Beemer. My daughter’s tuition. Something a little more necessary.)

Meanwhile, the city of Los Angeles is in semi-lockdown. The LAPD will be checking IDs of all those around Staples Center without tickets, so there goes my plan of watching the game from the probably jam-packed bar of the downtown LA Palm. Who needs those over-priced martinis anyway? Well, I do. But I’ll have to make my own.

Go Lakers!


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