Roger L. Simon

Is the world as bad as it seems?

It’s hard to think of worse times, at least in recent years. The global economy is in collapse, the Euro hanging by a thread. Greece is a mess, depending on Germany to rescue it, which is itself a mess. No one has the slightest idea when the oil spill will stop, if it will stop. Iranian lunatics are still building the bomb, when they’re not busy exploiting lies about Israel. 58% favor repealing the healthcare bill, which nobody understands in the first place, especially the people who enacted it. Meanwhile, the president also wants to enact a new environmental/energy bill when Social Security already has a negative cash flow – five years ahead of schedule!

And this is just an (almost random) selection.

They say it’s never as bad (or as good) as it seems. I wonder. It sure feels bad to me and I’m not sure when or if it’s going to be better. That even 46%, according to Gallup, still give Obama good ratings seems incomprehensible to me. Are these people sane? Or are they all Census workers? Don’t people understand that a society in which more work for the government than the private sector cannot sustain its standard of living, that things will only get worse?

Oh, well.

It’s only human life. There are always other galaxies. Look on the bright side.