Poliwood Challenges Gore: Defend Your Oscar!

For reasons almost anyone can guess at this point, except perhaps Congressman Henry Waxman, Lionel and I have invited Al Gore and his collaborators director Davis Guggenheim and producer Lawrence Bender to defend their Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth. And nice guys that we are, we have been especially kind about it. We don’t sandbag people (well, almost never). As you will see in Poliwood Challenges Gore: Defend Your Oscar!, Lionel and I are giving Gore and his cohorts all their questions in advance. It’s the right thing to do, n’est-ce pas?


Now for this part you must be sitting down… so far no word from Gore!

Shocked? Well, we may or may not have been. Lord Monckton hasn’t gotten very far with his request for a debate either. But stay tuned. You never can tell. Meanwhile,, watch the video here. All Poliwoods here.


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