Roger L. Simon

BROWN WINS: USA... USA... USA... Not "Progressivism"

It was great to hear the chant “USA… USA… USA” tonight at the Scott Brown victory celebration. And it was great to hear Brown say that US taxpayer money should be spent fighting terrorists, not defending them. He was obviously referring to the reprehensible Khalid Sheik Mohammed trial coming up in New York, which is alleged to cost, in some estimates, as much as a billion dollars. Is Obama listening on this and health care and cap and trade and the rest of his “progressive” agenda? He’s probably a very mixed up man tonight, lost in his “progressive” training.

I have to admit there is nothing I loathe more than the word “progressive.” It is as fake as the ideology behind it. I wait for the day, and perhaps it will be soon, when the word “progressive” will be returned to its proper place — poker.