Roger L. Simon

Annals of Propaganda: How Gallup does a headline

Headlines tell you something – or maybe everything – about the bias of a supposedly-neutral polling company. That latest from Gallup is Obama Approval on Terrorism Up to 49%. The subhead (in barely readable dim grey), however, is: “Ratings on economy, healthcare sink to new lows”. Two out of three are going down – in one case, health care, to a scarily low 37% – yet Gallup trumpets the one “victory,” which is still under 50% (and down by 6% since March). The economy is at a 40% approval (down a whopping 19% since March).

This is headline writing as propaganda, pure and simple. Nevertheless, the Rasmussen poll is the one under attack for bias. Well, that’s the American media. (And Gallup, evidently.)