Roger L. Simon

Don't forget Iran

In the midst of all the post-election by-play and the battle over healthcare, that even more important battle, the one for the freedom of the Iranian people, rages on. Tomorrow I will be interviewing PJTV’s resident expert Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi on yesterday’s demonstrations but meanwhile have a look at this compendium of demonstrator videos collected off YouTube by CNN. This revolution is by no means over. As usual, Obama has bet on the wrong (in this case the reactionary) side. Of particular note on these videos are the demonstrators calling out to our President “Are you with them or are you with us?” Good question.

The situation in Iran is yet another example of how we live in a world upside down since 9/11 with liberals seemingly less interested in the fate of the freedom demonstrators than conservatives, libertarians and independents. Meanwhile, the mullahs continue their fascist actions. As I used to write on this blog years ago and as the old song goes, “Which side are you on? Which side are you on?”