Roger L. Simon

Media lemmings jumping? Reporters have 401Ks too

I was wondering how long it would take, but it seems rumblings are beginning to surface: The MSM is no longer treating Obama as God. John the Baptist maybe, but not the Supreme Being.

Reason: Reporters have 401Ks too. They also work in a shrinking business that has been as hard hit as any by the dismal economy. Unemployment in media-related industries must easily surpass the already distressing 9.5%

So you have the New York Times coming forth with articles like today’s Doubts About Obama’s Economic Recovery Plan Rise Along With Unemployment. Even that most liberal of professional sneerers John Stewart has turned his sneer on the President with That’s Great Now Fix the Economy. (ht: Glenn)

Not that Obama seemed to have had a real plan in the first place – not one any of us could discern anyway. Everything felt and feels ad hoc, policies swerving almost daily just as they did under Roosevelt in the Thirties – and we all know how that went. Today there’s going to be a second stimulus plan, tomorrow there isn’t. Today the stimulus money is supposed to be in the economy, tomorrow it’s not. Congress is supposed to read its programs, only it doesn’t. The cap-and-trade and medical reform bills are supposed to save us, but they may bankrupt us. And on and on.

So naturally the press folks are getting nervous, not that any of these people seem the slightest embarrassed they are the ones who devoted every corpuscle in their bodies to getting this man elected in the first place, vetting him not one whit. [Are you gloating?-ed. I wish I could, but I have a 401K too.]

Okay, smart guy, I hear you saying (or maybe you’re not), what’s your plan? Well, I don’t have one. In fact, I don’t even have close to a theory about how to revive the economy. But I do remember this: Back in the early days of the stimulus plan, every time the first giant appropriation seemed about to pass, the stock market would tank. Every time it looked to be hanging fire, the market would shoot up. It’s clear where the traders stood. As for me, if pressed, I would stand with Hippocrates. “First do no harm.”