Roger L. Simon

Mainstream Media Michael Jackson Obsession Continues to Top Itself

CNN wins the prize this morning with their lead headline: “Michael Jackson shared bond with ‘very dear friend Diana Ross'”.

Talk about ‘Dog bites man!” – that’s more like ‘Grass is green!’ or ‘Rain in Seattle!’ Well, scratch the latter because I hear they’re having a dry summer up there.

How long will this continue? This millennium? Next? Who knows? And to make matters worse, the MSM has no sense of humor about it. Why not brighten things up with heds like ‘Threesome! Jackson, Sanford and Edwards in secret tryst’ or ‘Jacko’s corpse stalks Elvis imitators on Hollywood Boulevard”? Oh, well, look on the bright side. Those of us who are news junkies and secretly suspect we have been wasting our time now have incentive to go elsewhere. Brush up your Shakespeare anyone? Or what about those dusty Mandarin flash cards?

MEANWHILE: Some non-Jacko news.