Roger L. Simon

China new ambassador, Russian homophobia and other news of the day

Obama has made a smart and telling move in naming Utah’s Jon Huntman ambassador to China. We all know why it’s smart; bipartisanship and all that right in the middle of Pelosi’s pathetic tantrums. What’s telling is that in choosing someone for what is now easily the most important ambassadorial post, the one that takes the utmost in knowledge and diplomatic discretion, this most liberal of Presidents decided not to pick someone from his own party. What does this say about Obama and what does that say about his party? I leave that to you.

Meanwhile, in modern Russia, hellbent on returning to the glory days of the Soviet Union, gays are once again being oppressed, just as they were, heavily, in Soviet times. Communist governments tend not be friendly to gays. Cuba’s record is well known. The treatment of gays in the Islamic Middle East (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Hamas, Hezbollah, now even Iraq) is yet worse. Do we see any dots to connect here? Oh, I forgot. America is the problem.