Roger L. Simon

Waterboarding Pelosi

A brouhaha is developing from Rick Kline’s report at The Note this evening indicating that Nancy Pelosi may have lied (gag me with a spoon!) about her ignorance of enhanced interrogation techniques, aka waterboarding, being used on Abu Zubaida in 2002. A commenter on Rick’s site suggested we might waterboard Pelosi to get the truth.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure it would work. Pelosi, from all her public statements, is clearly a blithering idiot and as close to unqualified for major office as anyone I can think of in my lifetime (and that’s saying a lot). Politics is obviously not a high IQ profession, but this woman makes Dan Quayle seem like DaVinci.

Therefore, her presence at a meeting at which enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT) were discussed is not an indication that she understood what was going on or even was paying any serious attention. In her case, waterboarding is not to be recommended. She just wouldn’t have any information.