Lay off Biden's daughter

Would having Joseph Biden for a father drive you to drugs?


But that’s no reason to spend any press/reporting time on a minor instance of possible minor cocaine usage that goes on throughout the world a skillion times a day. [Aren’t you doing just that?-ed. Yes, but hear me out.] Everyone knows we are living in a celebrity culture that overwhelms us even as we are fascinated by it. It’s time to make a conscious effort on all our parts to diminish it. I’m not talking about Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton (etc.) obsession. Curing that is in the realm of the hopeless. Besides, people like Spears and Hilton encourage the endless and tedious publicity they receive. But the obscure peccadilloes of private citizens should remain just that – obscure. And make no mistake about it, Joseph Biden’s daughter (name deliberately omitted) is a private citizen. She has never, to my knowledge, invited any significant attention to herself. Indeed, we don’t know if she ever wanted her father to do the same. Let’s leave her alone – and her father as well, on that score.


UPDATE: For the record, I agree with the commenters below who heap scorn on Biden for his idiotic support of the equally idiotic “War on Drugs.”


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