Roger L. Simon

Is the Obama Administration manufacturing libertarians?

My guess is “yes,” what with the willy-nilly manner in which it is moving into government control of the economy, today seeking to expand this control over financial firms other than banks. [Well, you gotta make something in down times.-ed. But you can’t sell libertarians. Not yet.] As anecdotal evidence of this trend I offer the growing sales of Ayn Rand’s over fifty-year old Atlas Shrugged and the huge debut of Mark Levin’s (yes, I know he’s not really a lib) Liberty and Tyranny. The MSM’s reaction to the Tea Party phenomenon is another data point. They claim this movement (with its thus far small protests) has too few members to merit real attention. So did the Bolshevik Party, as I recall…. Anyway, today’s food for thought. Maybe this manufacturing process is a good thing – as long as it stays “green,” of course.