Roger L. Simon

Clinton II?

With the appointment of Rahm Emmanuel and other rumored appointments, for the moment at least Obama seems to be sending out Clinton/DLC signals.  Will this last?  I have no idea, but if he is a left extrememist he is not showing it as yet.  The most important and, I would imagine, closely watched selection will be Secretary of the Treasury.  The markets are not reacting well to Obama’s election, if indeed that is what they are reacting to amidst the welter of other bad economic news.

On a more comic/wry note, you can all look forward (I hope) to the post election episode of Poliwood coming up Friday, when Lionel and I comment on the Emmanuel appointment.  The new chief-of-staff is the brother of the Hollywood agent who is is the model for the Jeremy Piven character on Entourage.  Plus ca change…