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NBC reactionaries ban "inconvenient" SNL sketch

We are in the midst of an important, possibly crucial, political campaign and the head honchos at NBC are engaging in thought control.  They are suppressing a Saturday Night Live sketch about the economic crisis that skewers the massive hypocrisy of Democrats like Frank and Pelosi on the issue. [What?  That's impossible!-ed. Stranger than fiction.]  Yes, it's that NBC that allows Keith Olbermann et al to spill unceasing crazed pseudo-progressive bilge on the public... but here they are getting nervous because, allegedly, one of the couples satirized in the sketch (The Sandlers, not Adam) is threatening to sue.  Talk about hypocrisy.  Talk about lack of courage.  Talk about a convenient legal interpretation that actually stops the American public from learning the truth.... That's our NBC!

For those who want to see this sketch (it's good), Pat Dollard still has it up here - I think.  Good for Pat.