Roger L. Simon

The Suha Kiss: Hillary gets Palin Derangement Syndrome over Ahmadinejad Demonstration

If I were the McCain campaign, I’d be rushing Ron Silver (or similar) on a plane to Miami right now to talk to his Jewish mishpocheh (extended family) in Florida about one of the strangest actions yet in this bizarre political season.  Hillary Clinton has pulled out of a demonstration (by Jewish organizations) at the UN against Ahmadinejad because Sarah Palin will be attending! (I rarely use exclams, but this one seemed worth it.)  Philippe Reines – the poor soul charged with explaining this retreat – said the following: “Clearly there was some miscommunication because this was never billed to us as a partisan political event. Sen. Clinton will therefore not be attending this event.” (Talk about projection!)

The first thing that came into my mind is that Hillary was trying to sabotage Obama.  Assuming no further major market meltdowns, some attention next week will be focussed on the arrival of the Iranian madman (recently blessed for reelection by his godfather Don Khamenei) who is once again denying the Holocaust, predicting the disappearance of Israel and flouting the IAEA.  According to this report, even the Russians and Javier Solana are disturbed (pretending anyway).

But then I remembered The Suha (Arafat) Kiss.  Hillary’s respect for Israel and committment to its survival may only be, pardon the expression, skin deep.  As with so many politicians, it’s the self, the self, the self.  In the face of any possible damage to her image, she thinks first of moi and second of the world.  No wonder the presence of Palin appalls her.  Can you imagine Sarah the Barracuda bussing Suha Arafat?

UPDATE:  As is pretty well known by now, the Jewish organizations protesting Ahmadinejad have rescinded their invitation to Palin.  There is a Yiddish word for this – schande.