Roger L. Simon

Sulli-vating, buyer's remorse and Dracula remakes

I have little to add to Ann Althouse’s raised eyebrows over Andrew Sullivan’s latest obsession (with John McCain’s cross reference – no pun intended).

Except to observe the obvious:  Sullivan’s general response to Obama/McCain – though, to be kind, eccentric in details and choices – is paradigmatic of mainstream media.  And I regard Sullivan as entirely MSM because his writing almost always looks outward toward them for approval, rarely any longer toward the blogosphere, which he has virtually abandoned except in instances when it seems useful to him (turning, of all places, to the over-heated Kos).

Sullivan and the MSM are in the midst of buyer’s remorse regarding the shallow Obama and desperate to find a way out or some justification. Via Glenn, I have discovered even the most soddenly conventional of all MSM purveyors of conventional wisdom – David Gergen – is sounding alarms. And now  Zogby is reporting a five-point McCain lead in the summer (when the Dems have almost always been way ahead… hello, Hillary?) Sullivan – the conformist masking  as a rebel – rushes to the fore like a refugee from a Vampire movie with his cross silliness. Opera bouffe, I suppose.

But there is a bright side for Sully.   If McCain wins, it’s good for his blog.  He can start taking potshots at the new President from day one and build traffic. [Isn’t that what he was already doing with this cross nonsense?-ed.  Yeah, you’re right… worked though.]