Roger L. Simon

Bob Costas' rug and other Olympic observations

My daughter isn’t the only one to chortle about Bob Costas’ pathetic hairpiece.  Practically everyone I’ve talked to has commented.  But trust a ten-year old girl to observe that men who are bald should admit it. [Does that mean they shouldn’t wear hats?-ed.  Wisenheimer.]

But that’s not the worst of Costas who has spent a great deal of time excoriating George Bush, but has devoted nary a word – at least when I’ve been listening – to the activities of the Chinese government, which – even though some self-described progressives at MoveOn, etc. feel otherwise – is nowhere in the ballpark of the CCP.  In fact, if Bush were, MoveOn et al would already be in jail.

Of course this is not the world of Bob Costas, which seems to revolve in great degree around women’s beach volley ball. [Maybe that’s the reason for the rug.-ed. I told you what my daughter said.] NBC’s coverage is notably chauvinistic, focusing almost exclusively on American events, so that viewers miss entire sports, some of which would be interesting to see.  Oh, well.  I’m sure this has been focus grouped to death.