Roger L. Simon

Is McCain peaking too early?

I’m serious.  I expected McCain to be squeaking up behind Obama in mid-October at the best, not before August 1.  This is supposed to be a Democratic year par excellence with the economy tanking (semi, anyway) and the Iraq War dragging on longer than the Peloponessian. (Okay, that baby ran 27 years, but you know what I mean.)  Democrats also historically lap the field over the summer.  Even such certified loxes as Dukakis and Mondale were ahead on Aug. 1.  What’s going on here? Obama is supposed to be the hottest thing since Bono.  If I were McCain, I would be very nervous about peaking too early.  Pretty soon the press will be turning against his trendy opponent and endorsing him. Then McCain will really be in trouble.   If the New York Times backs him, he’s sunk.  The problem is this Schmidt guy is too effective. He should lay back, fumble the ball and do nothing until October 20th at the earliest.  Then his candidate is a sure winner. Otherwise, I’m nervous.