Roger L. Simon

Beyond Parody: Gore and Friedkin at La Scala

Not since the Marx Brothers’ immortal “A Night at the Opera” has there been such potential mirth to be gleaned from the operatic form.  From Variety (where else?):

William Friedkin will direct the premiere of the opera “An Inconvenient Truth,” which will debut at La Scala in Milan on May 11, 2011.

J.D. McClatchy, the poet who composed the book for Ned Rorem‘s “Our Town” and co-wrote “Grendel” with Julie Taymor, has been tapped as the librettist. Italian composer Giorgio Battistelli will write the score. Participant Media, which financed the docu based on Al Gore‘s book, will be among the backers of the opera.

Battistelli began work on the opera a year ago. It will be presented as part of La Scala’s contribution to the celebrations of the 150th anni of Italy’s unification.

Milan and Gore first connected when the former vice president backed the city’s bid to host Expo 2015 on promises of turning green.

Forget Traviata or Turandot… it is the melodious strains of  “An Inconvenient Truth” that will soon be global warming their way across the storied boards of La Scala. Please feel free to add your suggested lyrics below.  But be warned – this is truly “Beyond Parody.”

UPDATE:  Nessun Gore-ma?  Too bad the maestro is dead.  He could have played a great Al.