Roger L. Simon

McCain younger than Obama on energy

Obama these days seems to be playing “Mr. Nyet” (remember Andrei Gromyko?) every time McCain makes an energy proposal.  Some of those are dubious (like the summertime gas tax hiatus) but most, including 300 million dollar prize for an advanced automobile battery,  make sense.  McCain is apparently able to see the energy crisis as a complex problem to be dealt with on several fronts from drilling to conservation and alternative fuels.  Obama only sees the latter.  Of course, I don’t believe him for a minute.  The Illinois Senator has proven himself to be a disingenuous creep, the kind of man who publicly bashes NAFTA and then has his minions go whisper to the Canadians he was just kidding. How he will perform in office is anybody’s guess, most likely including his own.  But the mainstream media continues to cover for him on a daily basis and not ask questions. Talk about creeps.

But returning to energy, I don’t agree with the (relatively mild) criticisms of McCain’s plan offered on Pajamas today by Jerome Guillet. I support drilling off shore, which by the way is fifty miles off, out of view, with much more environmentally safe systems.  Those “wild polluters” the Norwegians have done it quite successfully for awhile, as have the French building nuclear power plants. We have to get into these things.  Would we do so in an Obama administration?  Maybe.  Just as he’d probably stay in Iraq.  Obama is two-faced enough to do the opposite of what he is proposing during the election. He reminds me of Nixon – only not as smart.

Meanwhile, I’m supporting the more youthful McCain who is able to hold two energy ideas in his head at the same time.

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