Roger L. Simon

Off shore drilling, but please no spilling

John McCain is making sense with his new energy policy, opting for off-shore drilling (I’m pretty sure this means way off shore, i. e., out of sight) over ANWR. Some of this is symbolic, of course, but those symbols are necessary, especially during an election season when the public is repeatedly being spoken to as if they were idiots. Here’s a great example from Obama porte parole Hari SEvugan: “John McCain’s plan to simply drill our way out of our energy crisis is the same misguided approach backed by President Bush that has failed our families for too long and only serves to benefit the big oil companies.”

Failed our families, failed our families, failed our families… Does Sevugan have that turgid clich&eacue; tattooed to his skull from a million focus groups? Forget the environment, the English language is under assault.

Meanwhile, it would seem to me that an adult would take a multi-lateral approach to the energy crisis, acknowledging that we are going to be on oil for a long time, while simultaneously looking for alternatives. Too complicated? Evidently for Hari Sevugan. But that’s his job. Keep the people dumb and the media dumber. Anything to win.