Roger L. Simon

Washington Not Hollywood for Ugly People Anymore

You know that old line about Washington being Hollywood for ugly people. Well it’s being revised by Barack Obama, who’s a pretty good looking guy. But is he just a pretty face? We’re going to be finding out in the weeks to come as the game changes. It will also be interesting to see if Obama and Clinton can stay on good enough terms to to run together eventually without it being a joke. (Yes, I know Kennedy and LBJ hated each other, but that was in another media age.)

Now we see that Barack is hinting at taking a tougher stand on Hillary. Is this all a dream come true for John McCain. I heard Karl Rove theorizing it might not that be that good, what with McCain being bumped off the front pages for a while. But (dare I contradict The Rove?) maybe that’s not such a bad thing, especially since he will certainly be back…. Or was Rove just playing it cute, knowing full well things are breaking in McCain’s favor? Vamos a ver.