Roger L. Simon

"With a tone of belittlement in his voice" - The NYT continues its assault on McCain

The New York Times’ “endorsement ” of John McCain seems eons ago as it continues its almost pathological inability to play his campaign straight. Here’s the latest from the quondam newspaper of record:

“Al Qaeda is there now,” Mr. McCain said in Houston, with a tone of belittlement in his voice. “So to state that somehow if Al Qaeda were there that he would consider going back militarily is really a remarkable comment, and I don’t think displays an understanding of the size of the threat and what’s at stake in Iraq.”

What McCain says, of course, makes logical sense so, rather than contradict it, the Times must find a way to undercut McCain, hence “a tone of belittlement in his voice”. This may seem like a small thing, but as most writers know, even one well-placed word can tilt a story. And with the NYT, it’s hard to find anything in their political coverage that is not tilted.