The NYT, the LAT, the Hezzies and Mugniyah

It’s hardly astonish that what is missing from today’s NYT coverage of the funeral of Imad Mugniyah is anything much on the man himself. All the Grey Lady says is: No one has claimed responsibility for killing the commander, Imad Mugniyah, one of the most wanted and elusive terrorists in the world, and Israel has distanced itself from any involvement.


The article is essentially a warming that this act by Israel may have provoked escalation. The LAT takes a similar tack, again emphasizing the potential escalation with virtually nothing about Mughiyah (spelled differently here).

This is more than just mediocre journalism, it is a disservice to the reader and to history. Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah’s argument in his angry speech is that “Zionists” had gone outside of the “battlefield.” Of course Imad Mugniyah spent his life doing that, murdering people (largely non-combatants) everywhere. But you wouldn’t know that from reading either Times. They are too even-handed, whatever that means. {[Nothing?-ed. Nothing will come of nothing.)

UPDATE: The commenter below is correct in chastising me for not surveying the LAT’s other stories on this case. I should have. They covered it more thoroughly than the story that was on the front page.


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