Roger L. Simon

A Jew's Christmas

Growing up, I always liked Christmas better than Hanukkah. It seemed like more fun. Since I was of an agnostic turn of mind from a very young age, this was not difficult. Religion did not come into it. Besides, my mother – who loved Christmas – assured me it was a pagan holiday based around the Winter solstice and trees. We always got more presents on Christmas and Hanukkah was rather perfunctory.

Later, as I learned more about the oppression (and annihilation) of my ancestors, I became more ambivalent. At times I wanted to celebrate Hanukkah only.

Now I say – both are good. Presents good, songs good, food and drink good, ski vacations good (usually), Lakers against Phoenix good, etc., etc.

To those few readers wasting time on the Internet today – have fun! Thanks for joining me here and on Pajamas Media. Whatever happens next year – it’s going to be interesting.