Roger L. Simon

iPhone lust, continued

Yes, I continue to follow the great iPhone saga, wondering if this is the time to jump (now that the price has dropped $200). Mark Anderson in the Pajamas office was a proud early adopter until the price drop was announced and we ribbed him unmercifully. Now he will get his vengeance, or partly, with the Jobsian rebate.

I have played with Mark’s phone and it is very cool. Unfortunately, it lacks one feature I find vital – voice activation. I’m one of those creeps who is always on the phone in his car (hey, it’s a long commute from Hollywood to El Segundo). I’d be dead, figuratively and literally, without the voice activation in my peeling semi-functional Razor, even if it does call the wrong party one out of three times. I’ve gotten very good at pretending it’s not a mistake.