Roger L. Simon

The BBC and the Queen

Melanie Phillips is spot on when she writes of the BBC: If it transposes a picture sequence like this to sex up a story about the Queen by transmitting an outright falsehood, just think what it is doing in the Middle East. (via Pajamas) Phillips was referring to the latest humiliation of the Beeb . The “procrustean progressive” network “misrepresented” the “actual sequence of events” (their words) in their recent sensational story of a putative walkout by Her Majesty on Annie Liebovitz.

I am not surprised the Beeb lied or “misrepresented” or whatever they call it. That’s what they do. (They are a self-sustaining propaganda outfit, just as any public broadcasting system must perforce be. As we all know, the BBC is virtually unsupervised with a mammoth budget that taxes television owners in the UK with less representation than the citizens of colonial America.) But I am a little disappointed that the Queen didn’t walk out on Annie Liebovitz. I mean who is Liebovitz anyway? A celebrity photographer! (Okay, a good one, but still just someone who goes around taking pictures of famous people.) It was more than a little funny to envision Elizabeth giving her the gate. Like the recent movie, it made me like the Queen.