Dan Rather will always be Dan Rather

If I had been Dan Rather – and been so humiliated for flagrantly lying on national television and then losing my job for it – I probably would have just gone away or tried to do some kind of penance to feel good about myself.


But then I’m not… obviously… Dan Rather.

Dan is back today to criticize Katie Couric for “dumbing down” the news – lying being, I suppose, intelligent. But never mind, Dan decries this new trend in “tarting up” news and opines that it is behind the declining ratings for CBS. No, Dan, what’s behind the declining ratings is that no one needs the evening news anymore, no matter who is delivering it. The evening news is pernicious. It assumes people are too stupid to go find the news themselves when they want it and must have it spoon fed to them by some pompous ass, male or female.

And now I must go because I vowed never to write another word about Dan Rather. Paris Hilton is more interesting – and more newsworthy.


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