Roger L. Simon

Wolfowitz's pathetic story

To the degree I understand Paul Wolfowitz’s actions at the World Bank – I am writing, of course, of the current scandal surrounding his helping his girlfriend Shaha Reza get a lucrative job at the institution – I am appalled by his arrogance and stupidity. Didn’t this man realize the extent and power of his enemies? This pathetic story is obviously reminiscent of Clinton’s, although in this case Woflie’s main squeeze was in her fifties, not twenties, and both parties are single. Still… we live in a go-for-the-throat culture and if you have ideals you purport to support, you better stay clean or those ideals will be washed down the toilet with you.

Reading the AP coverage of the Affaire Wolfowitz this morning, I discovered this interesting paragraph:

[The World Bank’s] European members have long had doubts about Wolfowitz’s suitability to be bank president and have clashed with him over his emphasis on rooting out corruption in developing countries and holding up loans for countries with poor governance records.

As I said, know your enemies.

UPDATE: I have now turned agnostic on this story. [Isn’t that the easy way out?-ed. It is.] But encourage others to post their views here – with evidence, if possible.