Roger L. Simon

The Stockholm Syndrome meets Islamic "feminism"

An article in today’s Washington Post – “A More Islamic Islam” – perhaps reveals more of her true intentions than its author – Geneive Abdo – intended. The article purports to be an analysis of the recent Secular Islam Summit. Its third paragraph contains such a whopper at first you can’t even believe she’s serious:


The self-proclaimed secularists represent only a small minority of Muslims. The views among religious Muslims from CAIR more closely reflect the views of the majority, not only in the United States but worldwide. Yet Western media, governments and neoconservative pundits pay more attention to the secular minority.

What? Western media and governments pay more attention to a few secularists than they do to CAIR? ((8,120,000 Google links here) What planet has this woman been living on? [Doesn’t the WaPo edit these things?-ed. They don’t want trouble with CAIR.]

But the Big Lie is the least interesting thing about her column. Because the truth in it is more significant and scarier. Abdo concludes:

In Europe and the United States, where Muslims have maximum exposure to Western culture, they are increasingly embracing Islamic values. In Britain, a growing number of Muslims advocate creating a court system based upon Islamic principles.

What all this means is that Western hopes for full integration by Muslims in the West are unlikely to be realized and that the future of the Islamic world will be much more Islamic than Western.

Instead of championing the loud voices of the secular minority who are capturing media attention with their conferences, manifestos and memoirs, the United States would be wise instead to pay more attention to the far less loquacious majority.


But what does that “less loquacious majority” want? Abdo has just told us they are returning in droves to their traditional values as in: “In Britain, a growing number of Muslims advocate creating a court system based upon Islamic principles.”

Where I come from that’s against the law. This country was founded on the separation of church and state. If you don’t like that, you should live elsewhere. Abdo’s views, the honest ones, seem mired in inconsistency. She wants us to follow this supposedly silent (CAIR?) Islamic majority, which seems to acquiesce in what is essentially religious fascism. Those secularists whom she abhors are demanding serious reform. Abdo is evidently afraid to confront what they are saying on the level of ideas, so resorts to calling them names. No surprise there. It would be amusing to see her debate the history of Islam with (say) Salman Rushdie. Also, it would be sad.

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