Roger L. Simon

Polling the Poll

The Pajamas Media Presidential Straw Poll appears to be gaining some traction (touch digital wood – whatever that is). As of this writing 191 websites (blogs and others) have registered as polling places and 135 are already functioning with the widget in place. If you have a site and want to join us, the process is pretty simple – go here.

The question is what will emerge from all this? All polls are suspect and Internet polls, with some justification, among the most suspect. But if… and this is a very big if… we can distribute our widget to enough sites/polling places, we could start to have more statistical viability. We could also become a kind of Early Warning System for other polls, because Internet readers are axiomatically early adopters of gadgets and ideas. The difficulties many are reporting with the McCain campaign were tracked early in first week of the PJ poll and have continued to the present.