China and Kyoto - A reminder in today's news

It’s worth remembering in all the Global Warming screeching that the US Senate voted 95-0 against the Kyoto Protocol. If you look down the list at the link, you’ll find some of our most liberal Senators (Feingold, Wellstone, Durbin, etc.) opposed it, no matter what they say now.


They did this for a reason. Looked at closely, Kyoto – which excludes the two most populous nations on Earth, China and India, because their economies are just “developing” – actually, although covertly, promotes Global Warming. The Chinese know this. Look at their reaction today to the latest global warming utterances from the UN. And the Chinese, naturally enough, are signatories to the Protocol – a document which is pretty close to unenforceable anyway. Why not sign?

If you are genuinely concerned with global warming – and I think all of us should be in an intelligent scientific way – start finding solutions that are less political and more technological. Kyoto is a propaganda item.


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