Roger L. Simon

Photo printer review

Those folks at Canon keep getting better and better. I just purchased a Pixma 6700D for 170something bucks at Amazon and tested it with some photos taken last weekend with my already aging Nikon D70. (Well, not really aging, just compared to Gerard’s lighter and more nimble D50.) Anyway, the Pixma is producing gorgeous prints straight out of the box without any of those tiresome and tiring adjustments. The ink (aye, therein will lie the expense) is said to make prints of a new sort that last thirty years or more. You can check back with me at that time. But I will say this, most of my first generation digital prints are fading badly after three or four years. This printer may get a workout. The problem is, I think you have to stick with Canon ink if you want those good and enduring results. One other good thing, however: the print head is replacable. No more throwing out the whole machine when those pesky devils get clogged beyond redemption.