Roger L. Simon

Miniseries are to film as Chef Boyardee is to pasta

Let’s start with this – miniseries almost invariably stink. Or are completely mediocre filler ranging from the pretentious to the pseudo-sexy. In particular, those done by our major networks are the kind of industrial entertainment product, made by diverse hands at the mercy of artistically talentless executives, that leaves me running to the Home and Garden Network (which I actually like – you occasionally learn something). These enterprises are about as far from La Docle Vita or The Bicycle Thief as you can get and still be (relatively )in the same medium.

So the continuing brouhaha over ABC’s 9-11 saga stikes me as an embarrassment for all concerned – Bill Clinton (who should keep his mouth shut), ABC (that should stick to sports events) and anybody, including me, for engaging in a discussion of this silly event. The 9-11 Commission was phony enough, but at least it consisted of a group of blowhard politicians doing what blowhard politicians do (posturing). But to take their conclusions seriously as the “source” of a movie is absurd. Their conclusions were a political compromise. (Well, come to think of it, that may be perfect for a miniseries, which is an artistic compromise in the first place… wait, sorry, scratch the word “artistic” and just make that compromise.) Time for the chattering and political classes to get some therapy and move on. Democrats and Republicans should both be sent to the woodshed for playing the blame game over 9-11 at this point. How humiliatingly stupid and self-destructive for all concerned.

UPDATE: Crix Nix Binny Pix.