Roger L. Simon

Moussaui gets life

Even though I am almost always opposed to the death penalty, I cannot say I am pleased Zacarias Moussaoui has been given a life sentence. I am worried. I do not know or care if he is schizophrenic (as his defense said), but I do know the wannabe 9-11 murderer is infected by a virulent mental disorder that tells him mass terror actions and assaults on innocent people merit a place in paradise. As we all have seen, this particular mental disorder – Islamism – is highly communicable and results in megadeath. So Moussaoui must not be allowed to interact with his fellow prisoners in any way lest they be released after he has infected them with his homicidal mind-cult. I know some will find this some kind of suppression of his human rights, but the prison authorities should look at it as a public health measure. You wouldn’t put someone with the Plague with the other prisoners either.