Roger L. Simon

The End of a Hudna

I was going to post this morning some quibbles about otherwise intelligent comments on hybrid cars in the NYT by automotive critic Jamie Kitman, but it seems rather tastless in the face of yet another suicide bombing at Tel Aviv’s Central Station, ending a “hudna” that lasted only a couple of months. The always reliable religious psychopaths at Islamic Jihad have claimed responsibility for an average Middle Eastern terror attack (eight dead so far), stereotypical in every way except that Hamas is now in control of the PA. Unlike the usual condemnations of violence from Mahmoud Abbas and Saeb Erekat, CNN reports the Hamas reaction as follows: A Hamas spokesman, in an interview with Al-Jazeera television, described the attack as an “act of self-defense” against the Israeli occupation.

Well, there you have it. No condemnation from those in authority so far, only justification of mass murder. Meanwhile, that other crew of religious psychopaths in Tehran is sending fifty million to the gang on the West Bank. Will this be used to finance suicide bombings? If not, what will it be used for?

UPDATE: Haaretz now says nine are dead. They also have more complete quotes from the various Hamas authorities:

Hamas official spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri called the attack “a natural result of the continued Israeli crimes against our people.”

“The Israeli occupation bears responsibility for the continuation of its aggression. Our people are in a state of self-defence and they have every right to use all means to defend themselves,” he added.

“We think that this operation… is a direct result of the policy of the occupation and the brutal agression and siege committed against our people,” said Khaled Abu Helal, spokesman for the Hamas-led Interior Ministry.

Earlier, Moussa abu Marzouk, a Hamas leader abraod, told Al-Jazeera television that “the Israeli side must feel what the Palestinian feels, and the Palestinian defends himself as much as he can.”

At least we know where they stand. The Israeli government, according to Haaretz, holds Hamas responsible. Wouldn’t you?