Goodbye to the "Road Map"

Of course, that assumes anyone ever said hello. But it’s all irrelevant now as Hamas acts like, well, Hamas:

The Hamas-controlled Palestinian parliament Monday canceled all decisions made during the last session of the outgoing legislature, including legislation giving additional powers to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The vote signaled that Hamas legislators will take a confrontational approach in dealing with the rival Fatah Party, which was defeated in January’s parliamentary elections.

Fatah legislators walked out in protest before Monday’s vote. Fatah lawmakers argued that Hamas was breaking the rules by holding the vote and that the last session of the Fatah-controlled parliament was legal.


What next? Hamas leadership has previously stated they weren’t disturbed by Israel withdrawing a bit more and setting its own borders. I guess they weren’t lying, because that looks like pretty much of a sure thing now – or as much of a sure thing as there is in the ME.



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