Roger L. Simon

Interviewing the "Prince of Darkness"

We all have our nicknames [Do you want to hear yours?-ed. No!!!] but sometimes they just don’t seem to fit. Richard Perle, at least from my viewpoint, was a very pleasant fellow. Outspoken, yes. But not from the hip and not the slightest bit the “dark prince.” The night after my interview, I ran into him at a party at the home of a fellow conspirator and he wasn’t the least bit anti-social there either. Whether Perle is paranoid or not to be traveling with the security entourage he does, I don’t know, although I suspect he was being extra cautious for the Intelligence Summit (or someone asked him to be). Anyway, it was a rare pleasure to interview someone who isn’t taller than I am. I got sick of looking up (see Jack Kelly).