Roger L. Simon

Off to Washington to "solve" the WMD mystery

I am up early – it’s 5:25AM here in LA – because I am taking a morning flight to DC today to attend the Intelligence Summit in Arlington on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Pajamas Media will be covering it on our new WMDFiles blog with videos by Andrew Marcus who worked with us before. You might even see a familiar fedora-ed face on camera. Andrew and I will also be interviewing some well known figures (political and intelligence) who are not attending the Summit but are experts in the WMD world. Look for alerts as these come up on line. We’re very excited about them. We’re going to try look at this conundrum not as a political football, but as a genuine mystery to be solved. [Good luck.-ed. Did I detect a hint of sarcasm? A hint?! I understand you and David Corn may be conducting some of these interviews together? What do you mean? David and I see eye-to-eye on almost every issue. Yeah, right.]