Roger L. Simon

If I ran the zoo...

A NYT thumbsucker this morning – Some Democrats Are Sensing Missed Opportunities – is generating a fair amount of discussion about strategy disarray in the Democratic Party. It’s hard to figure out why it’s so difficult, given that these are professional politicians and what should be their strategy is evident to anyone with common sense. Start with this: health care, health care, health care. Then add a dollop of the environment, a soupcon of “the deficit” (not too much of the latter, because most Dems have spender reputations) and maybe something about “rebuilding the infrastructure” (“potholes” always play). Do not, repeat do not, waste ten seconds on the NSA surveillance issue and similar nonsense. Anyone with an IQ in triple digits (except Sen. Kennedy) knows we have to monitor Al Qaeda phone calls to the USA. In fact most Americans undoubtedly assumed we already were. With Islamist lunatics rioting in the streets over cartoons, everyone knows this is a loser. Also, drop Howard Dean as party chairman (he stinks as a fundraiser anyway, which is ninety-five percent of the job). Beyond that, get a few new faces. Kerry, Gore, et al, have lost too many times. Wrong association and they sound desperate.

Okay, that’s it. Now you’re a party again. Simple, isn’t it?