Roger L. Simon

Waiting for Godot - The Sequel - by Samuel Beckett the Younger

godot.jpegESTRAGON: First I want to go over some of the things you said yesterday. Vladimir, you testified yesterday that you’d keep an open mind. Isn’t that right?

VLADIMIR: I did and I do.

ESTRAGON: Now are you aware of any nominee in the history of the republic who has come before the Senate and testified he’d keep a closed mind?

VLADIMIR: I’m not aware of that. But I can only speak for myself.

ESTRAGON: Of course.

VLADIMIR: I will keep an open mind on all issues.

ESTRAGON: You also testified yesterday that no one, not even the president, is above the law. Right?

VLADIMIR: That’s certainly true.


And are you aware of any nominee in the history of this republic, of whatever political philosophy, judicial philosophy or denomination, who has come before the Senate — party denomination — and testified that, actually, there are a few people who are above the law?

VLADIMIR: I’m not aware of a nominee like that, Estragon.

ESTRAGON: Me either.

And you also testified that the court should have respect for the Congress. Isn’t that right?


ESTRAGON: Know of any nominees who came before the Senate and said, The heck with you guys; I don’t have any respect for the Congress ?

VLADIMIR: Estragon, I can only speak for myself and those are true expressions of what I think.

ESTRAGON: I know that. But all I want to say is — and I don’t doubt your sincerity in saying them — but this morning’s newspapers were filled with headlines to the effect you would keep an open mind.

(From the VERIFIED TRANSCRIPT of the Judiciary Committee Hearings. The role of Estragon has been played by Senator Schumer, the role of Vladimir by Judge Alito. All rights reserved.)