Roger L. Simon

In the main arena on Pajamas Media this morning....

The first in what we hope will be a weekly political gladiatorial of epic proportions. Forget Hannity & Colmes… Forget Crossfire… Kid stuff… It’s Michael “Faster, Please” Leeden versus Marc “El Hijo de Allende” Cooper in a knock-down, drag-out fight for fifteen rounds between one of America’s leading neocons and one of her leading left-wing journalists. Every week on Pajamas… Nine AM in Lalaland (home o’ Cooper) and noon at the DC offices of the American Enterprise Institute (bailiwick o’ Ledeen). Be there or be square! (But the debates will be archived, if you sleep in in Brentwood).

The fun begins this morning with the question:

Howard Dean says the Iraq War is not winnable. Is he right? If he’s wrong, was it worth it?…. Fight clean, gentlemen!

(by the way, we’re looking for a permanent name for this show – winner to receive a bottle of New Year’s champagne from Pajamas… no, it won’t be rotgut)

UPDATE: I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think the debate… blogjam… gladiatorial… call it what you will… was terrific...