Roger L. Simon

OSM - it's up

OSM (with the little trade mark sign) is up. We beg your indulgence for all the glitches I’m too beary-eyed to see at this hour of the morning.
Streaming video… oops make that audio (it’s 4:50AM LA time here)… links are at the site for this morning’s events. I’m headed over for my coffee.

I am now at the Rainbow Room with my coffee, workers dashing past me setting up behid huge banners that say OSM – Open Source Media. We are seek trademark on the initials OSM and our chances seem good. We tried for, but that was taken by the Oregon Steel Mills. Maybe is just as good anyway. We’re lucky as it is. Three letter urls are not easy to get anymore.

Needless to say, the naysayers are already weighing in.